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Manga is produced by dividing the work. Teamwork increases efficiency!

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Webtoon It began to spread in the 2010s, mainly in China and Korea.
A vertical scrolling digital manga format that is easy to read on a smartphone.
In recent years, it has begun to spread in Japan, Popular with smartphone users is.
Digital Shokunin was one of the first to respond to the production of Webtoons, which still has few artists in Japan.
Our team of experts knows Webtoon inside and out. speed and quality We guarantee the following.

Features of Webtoon Production by Digital Craftsmen

The secret to our speed and quality is the "studio system (division of labor)"!

The studio method (division of labor) is a system in which each step of manga production is divided up amongst experienced, specialized staff.
Division of labor makes the work more efficient and allows manga to be produced quickly while maintaining quality without relying on the artist.

"Webtoon Specialist Team" has accumulated unique know-how and is well-versed in trends

Webtoon production know-how and trends

Webtoon production team

Producing a Webtoon requires different skills and presentation techniques than traditional printed manga, such as guiding the eye so that it is easy to read vertically and using scrolling movement to create a presentation.
At Digital Shokunin, staff with accumulated unique know-how are in charge of each step of the Webtoon production process.
You can trust that we have a team of experts who specialize in Webtoons.

Understand trends and best-selling items

We are also well-versed in Webtoon trends, so we can make suggestions that take best-sellers into consideration.
In addition to producing original works, we also accept requests for individual processes!

Do you have any of these concerns?

If you have any of these concerns, we can help you. Please feel free to contact us.

Webtoon production process

Key points for creating Webtoons
Point 1

name Key Points

Creating the name is the foundation of a "selling manga."
At Digital Shokunin, we not only draw interesting names, but our name writers are also well versed in how to present a Webtoon, including the flow of frames, size, spacing between frames, composition, and the position of speech bubbles.

Key points for creating Webtoons
Point 2

Line art Key Points

Webtoons are created with coloring in mind, so they require different line drawing techniques than printed manga. Digital Shokunin employs staff who specialize in line drawing for Webtoons. We can handle any genre or style.

Key points for creating Webtoons
Point 3

Coloring (undercoat + shading) Key Points

We will suggest different coloring styles depending on the genre and style of the work, and will apply undercoats and shading that are appropriate for the work.

Key points for creating Webtoons
Point 4

Finishing Key Points

We will add finishing touches such as effects and decorations, which are the most important part of Webtoons. We can also accept requests for coloring (undercoat + shading) only, but for works that you want to bring out the gorgeousness and luxury that is unique to Webtoons, we recommend delivery with a color finish.

*If you would like to inquire about a large order for coloring only or have more specific specifications, please consider contacting our specialized color team .

Key points for creating Webtoons
Point 5

Phototypesetter Key Points

In webtoons, you can accentuate the emotions of your characters by adding color and effects to their dialogue.
We can suggest presentation methods specialized for typesetting for Webtoons, so please feel free to contact us.

Business Partners

We have a track record with various web comic distribution sites, such as:

Production track record

Please take a look at the Webtoon works produced using the studio method (division of labor).

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The Digital ShokuninWebtoon production studio We are happy to consult with you on any issues you may have.
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