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From modeling to operation, we provide unparalleled quality.

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VTuber Planning, production
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VTuber planning, production and operation

High quality that contributes to gaining fans Attractive model We offer the following.
From planning to operation Until One-stop Support is available at:

We provide one-stop support for VTuber production and operation.

Our VTuber team's specialty is bringing out the best in our customers in the virtual world.

VTubers are used for a wide range of purposes, from individual creators to corporate branding strategies.

In this environment, we create VTubers that are tailored to our customers' personalities and needs, and support their sustainable operations.

・VTuber branding proposals tailored to each individual customer
・Original character design and model production
・Full content production support
・Effective SNS promotion and analysis

We provide this as a consistent one-stop service to meet all your VTuber management needs.

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Here are some of our production results.

Digital Shokunin's VTuber planning, production and operation service

We work closely with our clients to come up with a marketing plan for their VTuber.
We will support the operation of the company without affecting the company's overall marketing strategy.
We provide support specialized for VTuber content.

There are endless ways to utilize VTubers!

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A VTuber is a general term for creators who play virtual characters and distribute videos.
This term is used because most videos are distributed on YouTube, but nowadays the forms and activities are diverse and are used for a variety of content and advertisements.

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Because the VTuber market is relatively new, the know-how for adopting it is not widely available, and in most cases individuals get started by obtaining information on their own.
Because the barrier to entry is high, the benefits will be great, and by entering the market early, you can aim to be the sole winner.
Why not bring fascinating characters to life through the performers, provide fresh excitement to your users, and gain many fans?

Are you worried about these things?

Digital craftsmen's VTuber planning, production, and operation: three strengths

Digital Shokunin will solve all your issues regarding VTuber planning, production, and operation.

Strengths of VTuber planning, production and operation services
Point 1

Give shape to the VTuber you imagine, High quality model production

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries regarding character settings, character designs, background creation, differential creation, part division, effect materials, etc. We also offer illustration production services, so we can provide consistent support from production to operation.

Strengths of VTuber planning, production and operation services
Point 2

From installation to operation Total support.

We provide comprehensive support for all VTuber-related tasks, including channel planning, model creation, progress management, content creation, account management for distribution platforms, analysis reports, and talent management.

Strengths of VTuber planning, production and operation services
Point 3

Leaving others behind, A wealth of outstanding quality.

The quality of the model has a big impact on the success of VTuber management. We provide high-quality VTuber models that stand out from the rest with designs that enhance your brand image.

About VTube Studio

VTube Studio allows you to control various characters using a webcam

VTube Studio is an application that allows you to move your face captured by a webcam in tandem with the eyes, mouth, and facial angle of your avatar. The character avatars used in VTube Studio are created using the animation production software Live2D.

  • Live2D and VTube Studio

Trading performance

Production track record

Here are some examples of our production results. *Please note that audio and background music will be played.

Flow of delivery

We will make suggestions tailored to your operational objectives!

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Software that allows you to operate VTubers

VTuber-related technology is constantly evolving and better technology is being introduced.
In addition to Facerig, there are several other software programs that allow VTubers to operate using only a webcam, and for 2D avatars, competing software includes its successor Animaze, prprLive which has more of a function expansion feature, and VtubeStudio which can be operated on smartphones and Macs.
For 3D avatars, there are Luppet, which works well with Leapmotion, VUP, which has excellent facial recognition, and VMagicMirror, which is ideal for bust-up broadcasts. Engineers are required, but game engines such as Unity and UnrealEngine are also an option.

Collaborating with 3D capture studios and voice actor agencies

Nowadays, as live streaming is becoming mainstream, not only individual operation but also ease of collaboration can be a major factor in deciding avatar production and environment selection.
We would like to make suggestions tailored to your operational objectives, such as Virtual Cast.
Our specialized staff works in cooperation with professional 3D capture studios that produce game data, as well as the agencies of the voice actors who perform the VTubers, to provide advice on any issues related to VTuber management.


The Digital ShokuninVTuber planning, production, and operation We are happy to consult with you on any issues you may have.
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