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Specializing in manga covers! High-quality binding, logos, and banners

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About our design production services

Utilizing our extensive experience in manga production
Creating designs tailored to each online bookstore Because it is possible,
Proposals in line with market trends is possible.

Digital Shokunin design production service

Are you worried about these things?

Three strengths of Digital Shokuninship

Digital Craftsmen solve all your design challenges.

Strengths of design production
Point 1

Find the design you want!

We can handle any genre, whether it's for men, women, modern, fantasy, etc. Our experienced designers will patiently draw out your requests and create the product.

Strengths of design production
Point 2

We aim to be the No. 1 in customer satisfaction!

"Maybe this is a little different..." "Is it okay to ask for such a small correction...?" Please don't worry. No matter how small your request, we will take responsibility and make suggestions as many times as necessary until you are satisfied.

Strengths of design production
Point 3

Leave the manga cover to us!

As digital craftsmen with ample experience in producing original manga, their forte is specializing in manga design.

Other design production related work

Of course, we can also handle things other than manga design!

We can flexibly handle any design work, including books, magazines, product packaging, posters, flyers, pamphlets, etc.
Please feel free to contact us first.


Manga books, obi, magazines, preview pages, inside pages, tables of contents, colophon, etc.

Product packaging

Label design, CD jacket design, goods design, etc.

Posters, flyers, pamphlets

Advertising designs for events, government agencies, movies and anime, etc.


Business cards, envelopes, company guides, company newsletters, etc.

Trading performance

Flow of delivery


The Digital ShokuninDesign production We are happy to consult with you on any issues you may have.
Please feel free to contact us for quotes or requests via the link below.

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