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Unexpected developments and a surprising ending. A worthwhile read!

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For manga scenarios, choose a production company that specializes in manga.

In a nutshell Scenario creation That being said, each company has different areas of expertise.
Even in production companies with many writers, Manga scenario achievements This does not necessarily mean that there are many.
Digital Shokunin has an in-house manga production team. A production company with a proven track record in manga production.
Manga comes to life. Scenario for Manga We can suggest the following.

Scenario creation service: 3 features

Other tasks related to scenario creation

We do a variety of writing including scenarios, scripts, original works, and scripts.

We will respond to your requested format, so please feel free to contact us.
We can flexibly accommodate any consultation, including project proposals, planning and production, and script supervision.

Game scenario creation

The scenario is one of the most important elements of a game. We create unique and fascinating game scenarios. We also support continuous scenario delivery after release.

Movie scripts and movie scenarios

We write scripts and scenarios for movies, dramas, anime, and other visual works.

Play scripts, stage scripts, play scripts

We create scripts for plays and stage productions, as well as scripts that focus on dialogue.

Novels, Web novels

We write novels for print and web for those who want to publish books.

Proposal of project plans, planning and production

Please feel free to contact us for proposals and production of manga, video works, plays, etc.

Scenario Supervision

We also undertake supervision work to check the consistency and quality of the scenario.

Do you have any of these concerns when creating a manga scenario?

For manga artists

For publishers

Use your manga editing experience to solve your problems!

Manga production editor

From an editor's perspective, he is thoroughly familiar with the methods of manga.

A Digital Shokunin with extensive experience in manga production.
The key people who manage the production site at the front line are the editors.

With Digital Shokunin's scenario creation service, the editors on the manga production team themselves write and supervise the scenario.
Because he has the perspective of an editor who is intimately familiar with the field, he is extremely knowledgeable about the key points of manga scenarios.
He is also well-versed in the methods of creating popular manga, such as story development, effective directing techniques, and trending elements.

Scenario creation service: 4 strengths

Strengths of our scenario production service
Point 1

Manga scenario Many achievements

Our manga production team has worked on over 150 manga titles, and we can make proposals that take advantage of our extensive know-how.

Strengths of our scenario production service
Point 2

Good at manga Scenario writer

The work will be handled by dedicated writers and certified writers who are digital craftsmen specializing in manga scenarios.

Strengths of our scenario production service
Point 3

The manga industry Know the trends

We incorporate elements of "sellable works" that we have picked up on at the forefront of manga production into the scenario.

Strengths of our scenario production service
Point 4

Active editor Supervises quality

All works are supervised by active editors who are thoroughly knowledgeable about manga production, ensuring quality.

Scenario creation service staff introduction

Bungo Uchino

Bungo Uchino

He has been in charge of over 20 manga scenarios and oversees the scenarios from the perspective of a former editor! He is in charge of the overall direction of the manga scenarios.
He also works as a scenario writer, making use of the story composition skills he accumulated during his time as a manga artist.

The writer's name is "Kurokiri". He has written scenarios in a variety of genres, from general audiences to adult audiences, including "Muou", "Proof of SEIGI", "Seeing - Predicting Crime", "My Special! Hospital Sex Life", and "Secret After School".
He also oversaw the scenario for "My Mother is a Woman" and wrote project proposals for "I Died and Reincarnated as the Strongest Female Hero... Huh?! Female Hero?!"

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