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Exactly as imagined, with quality exceeding expectations.

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About the illustration production

We carefully understand the client's desire for a particular type of painting and faithfully reproduce it.
We deliver creativity that exceeds expectations.

Here are some of our production results.

Many other production results are also listed on the page.

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Digital Artisan illustration production service

Character Design

Character Design

Promotions using original characters are effective in improving and differentiating a company's image. There are many possibilities for marketing strategies, such as SNS and merchandise. We provide character designs that meet the needs of your company in an easy-to-develop format.

VTuber Design

VTuber Design

Marketing through VTubers is extremely effective in attracting new targets, especially the younger generation and digital natives. By utilizing VTubers, you can increase brand awareness and promote product penetration. We provide one-stop support from planning to production, and create attractive characters.

SD illustration

SD illustration

SD characters are deformed characters with 2-3 heads, and are highly visible even at small sizes, highlighting the characteristics of the brand. Consistent designs are possible for a variety of purposes, including logos, icons, advertisements, and product packaging. We also support the creation of SD characters for corporate mascots.

Illustrations and cartoons

Illustrations and cartoons

Illustrations and cutouts can help understand technical information and specialized content, and make difficult texts visually easier to understand. We have a wealth of experience producing illustrations and cutouts for newspaper advertisements, reference books, educational apps, and more, so you can rest assured that we can do the job for you.

Created by 1,000 elite creators

We can handle any touch. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

  • Character illustration
  • Copyright illustration
  • Items and Avatars
  • Icons and LINE stamps
  • Background illustration
  • Illustration cutout

Are you worried about these things?

Digital Artisan's Illustration Production: Three Strengths

Your worries will be solved by a seasoned digital director and 1,000 elite creators!

Strengths of illustration production
Point 1

Providing high-quality finishes quickly.

Projects are controlled by experienced directors who specialize in creating illustrations. We provide high-quality illustrations quickly. We also select the best creator for your project from our extensive resource of artists. We can handle any style.

Strengths of illustration production
Point 2

We also provide one-stop service for post-production illustrations.

You can also leave it to our digital craftsmen to utilize the illustrations you have created. Not only can we create multiple patterns from a single illustration, but we can also create original characters and develop them into "moving illustrations" such as LIVE2D. This expands the possibilities of your plans to infinity.

Strengths of illustration production
Point 3

Regular and bulk orders are also available.

By scheduling and directing our 1,000 elite creators over the medium to long term, we are able to respond to regular requests and large orders with consistent quality and speed. Our extensive track record of regular orders is proof of our reliability and trust.

Extensive trading experience



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