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Various content converted to Japanese manga format.

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From vertically read Webtoon works to page-read manga works with various contents

Many staff members are well versed in manga Therefore, you can also leave the frame arrangement to us.
Production that supports not only digital distribution but also paperback publication is possible.
Webtoons, game CG, manga videos, etc. We will put it on the manga platform.

Here are some of our production results.

Many other production results are also listed on the page.

Digital Shokunin's page manga conversion service

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Expand various content to new markets!

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It converts vertically read webtoons made for smartphones into double page comics.
We can create content from any source, including not only Webtoons, but also game CG , manga videos , etc.
The created pages can be distributed to online bookstores, and can also be made into paper books.
Any content can be secondary developed on the manga platform.

All of our staff are well versed in manga, with the majority of staff having experience working in commercial magazines.
That's why we can provide consistent quality with "natural panel layout" and "easy-to-read eye guidance" !
Regardless of whether the target audience is men or women, we will create works that utilize the appeal of the original work and suit a variety of genres.

If you are considering a hardcover paper book, we will also create decorative pages such as a table of contents and insert folios.
Of course, you can trust us with all production work , from overseas translation and typesetting to EPUB production.

Changing the page spread of a comic

Localize the manga "format."

Changing the page spread of a comic

Most Japanese works are read from right to left and have a right-handed opening (right-bound) double page spread, but works from overseas are often written horizontally and are left-handed (left-bound) and read from left to right.
Not only does it swap the left and right pages, it also arranges the frames in an optimal way to match the layout of the pages after the spread is changed.

Are you worried about these things?

Digital Shokunin's Page Manga 3 Strengths

Here are the key points of Digital Shokunin's page manga conversion service.

Key points for making a page manga
Point 1

Any genre is fine!

Supervised by staff well versed in manga!
Whatever the genre, we will edit it into a page manga that makes the most of the appeal of the original work.

Key points for making a page manga
Point 2

We also carefully supervise readability!

The layout is easy to read even for fans accustomed to paged manga.
Not only did we supervise the frame layout, but we also carefully supervised the font and size of the typesetter.

Key points for making a page manga
Point 3

We also provide comprehensive support for translation, full color, and EPUB production!

As digital craftsmen offering a wide range of production services, we can consistently meet a variety of requests.
Please feel free to contact us with any requests!

Page manga sample

We cut webtoons and manga videos into frames and reconstruct them. We may add or edit frames to fit the layout.
We can produce content not only for electronic distribution, but also for printing as paper books.

Convert webtoon to comic page

Converting webtoons into manga pages

Converting manga videos into comic pages

Converting manga videos into comic pages Converting manga videos into comic pages

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