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It adds color to your work and brings out new appeal.

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About Manga Coloring

By adding vibrant colors to monochrome manga works, we bring out new appeal in the works.
We can also provide full-color e-books.

Digital Artisan Manga Coloring Service

Are you worried about these things?

Five Strengths of Manga Coloring by Digital Craftsmen

Digital Shokunin has the solution for all your manga coloring challenges.

Providing a high quality finish.
Point 1

Providing a high quality finish.

Our excellent in-house staff supervises and provides consistent quality.
We have received high praise for our high quality and timely delivery.

Respect for the original expression.
Point 2

Respect for the original expression.

The coloring will be completed by following the tonal shapes and atmosphere expressed in the original work.

Commitment to color.
Point 3

Commitment to color.

For example, when food is one of the main themes in a piece, I focus on using color schemes that make the viewer's mouth water.

The technical ability to paint different light sources.
Point 4

The technical ability to paint different light sources.

Shadows and lighting are expressed by taking into consideration the light sources for each scene.
Even in scenes that are slightly backlit, you can intentionally add front lighting to bring out the character's facial expressions.
We create high-quality, realistic works.

Providing a better finish.
Point 5

Providing a better finish.

Don't worry if this is your first time creating a full-color manga.
If you have any concerns about color schemes or expression, our experienced directors will provide thorough support.

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