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It breathes life into the illustrations and draws the player in.

Digital Shokunin

Animation production

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Animation production

About the animation production

We develop flat illustrations into animations.
Illustration Production Cut out from Animated Until We can provide one-stop service.

Event loop animations for characters used in the game,
Battle motions and effects used in battle scenes
Supports a wide range of motion production I will do it.

Digital Shokunin Animation Production Service

We will suggest the most suitable animation production software according to your purpose.

About the animation production

We will cut parts from a single illustration and create an animation that gives movement to the characters.
The characters move realistically, as if they were alive, capturing the hearts of users.

Illustration divided into parts

Illustration divided into parts

Adding built-in movement

Adding built-in movement

Are you worried about these things?

Three strengths of digital artisan animation production

Digital Shokunin will solve all your YouTube production challenges.

Strengths of animation production
Point 1

A one-stop shop for everything from illustration production to animation.

Our company has an illustration production department that can handle everything from character illustrations to background production, differential creation, part division, and effect materials, so we can provide consistent support from illustration production to animation production.

Strengths of animation production
Point 2

Providing high-quality finishes quickly.

At Digital Shokunin, our experienced directors direct the production of animations. Even for mid- to long-term requests or large orders, we can handle everything from production to delivery smoothly with consistent quality and speed.

Strengths of animation production
Point 3

Compatible with all production software.

Since we are compatible with many production software, we can faithfully realize the animation that our clients imagine. Even if you have no knowledge of animation, you can place an order with confidence because we will suggest the most suitable software for the purpose.

The appeal of animation: Its wide range of uses

The charm of animation

Use animation to enhance your expression

It is often used for in-game event motions, battle motions, effects, etc. Its appeal is its high degree of freedom in expression.
In recent years, many advertising agencies and video distribution companies have been aiming to create an impact through animation.
Animation is used for a wide range of purposes even outside of games.
Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries such as "I would like to use it for this purpose."

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The Digital ShokuninAnimation production We are happy to consult with you on any issues you may have.
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