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Vertical comic production

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Vertical comic production

About vertical comic production

From double page manga to vertical scrolling manga.
From vertical scrolling manga to double page manga.
While retaining the appeal of the original, we will provide high-quality re-edited content that can be enjoyed overseas as well.

Digital Shokunin's vertical comic production service

What is Tateyomi Comic (Webtoon)?

This is a new manga format in which the manga frames are arranged vertically, allowing you to read by scrolling vertically when viewing on a smartphone.
Manga is currently becoming mainstream overseas where people are not accustomed to reading manga, and in Japan, due to its ease of reading, it is garnering attention on social media and from many manga fans.

What is a vertical comic?

What are the benefits?

Are you worried about these things?

Three strengths of digital artisans in creating vertical comics

Digital Shokunin solves all the challenges of creating vertical comics.

The strengths of vertical comic production
Point 1

We provide high-quality vertical comics quickly.

Supervised by experienced craftsmen with a wealth of experience in e-books. We will respond quickly without compromising the quality of the work.

The strengths of vertical comic production
Point 2

It is also possible for experienced directors to act as directors.

Our experienced directors will ensure that your project proceeds smoothly. This will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your core business.

The strengths of vertical comic production
Point 3

A one-stop shop for e-book related services.

In addition to e-book production, we can also handle localization (translation) for overseas expansion and vertical comic production. It's a one-stop service.

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Vertical comic (Webtoon)


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