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Manga video production

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About Manga Video Production

Professional video production develops manga works into manga videos.
It is also recommended for video promotions that utilize manga advertisements.

Digital Shokunin's Manga Video Production Service

Are you worried about these things?

  • More impactful I want to promote.
  • Convert manga into videos and upload them to video sharing sites I want to monetize it.
  • More attention-grabbing video content I want to create a buzz.
  • I want to make animation We can't afford the costs.

Manga videos can solve that problem!

Benefits of manga videos

Digital Shokunin's Manga Videos: Three Strengths

Point 1

A wealth of skills The result was exactly what I had imagined.

Digital Shokunin can handle a variety of methods to turn manga into animation. With our extensive skills, we can faithfully realize the image our clients have in mind, and provide high-quality work that is sure to satisfy them.

Point 2

Regular and bulk orders Please leave it to us.

We schedule and direct our elite creators over the medium to long term. We can handle regular requests and large orders with high quality and speed. Our extensive track record of regular orders is proof of our reliability and trust.

Point 3

Original works too One-stop in. Support for individual tasks is also possible.

We provide a one-stop service for original manga, from scenario creation to animation, as well as for existing manga. We can also handle individual tasks such as producing only manga or illustrations for videos, only video editing, or only audio recording.

Extensive trading experience


Here are some examples of our production results. *Please note that audio and background music will be played.

Webtoon videos and TikTok videos

Voice comics and comic videos

Comic PV

Motion Comics

Manga videos for YouTube

Advertising videos and others

Flow of delivery



The Digital ShokuninManga video production We are happy to consult with you on any issues you may have.
Please feel free to contact us for quotes or requests via the link below.

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