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Background Production Service

The sense of realism of being there.

For manga, WEBTOON, illustrations, and other creative works, we will create the perfect background to match the character's image.
We can handle hand-drawn, 3D, monochrome and color. Please leave it to us.

Background Production Service

Background Production Service

Background Creation

We can provide backgrounds of various qualities and designs to suit your needs.
If there are people in the background, we will create the sense of presence of the people, making the work more appealing.

Are you worried about these things?

Digital Takumin's background production service: three strengths

Digital Craftsman solves all your background production challenges.

Rapid background production is possible using 3D.
Point 1

Rapid background production is possible using 3D.

Drawing backgrounds by hand takes time... If that happens to you, don't worry.
By utilizing 3D data, we can produce the product more quickly.

Compatible with all types of backgrounds.
Point 2

Supports backgrounds of all genres.

In addition to backgrounds used in manga and webtoons, we can also handle background illustrations for games, videos, and any other genre of background.

High quality service provided by specialized staff.
Point 3

High quality service provided by specialized staff.

At Digital Shokunin, experienced directors direct the production of backgrounds.
We guarantee stable quality even for medium- to long-term requests and large orders, and will handle everything smoothly until delivery.

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The Digital ShokuninBackground production We are happy to consult with you on any issues you may have.
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