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About Web Production

From website design, planning, coding to operation, Total support is possible.
Manga and illustrations With content that utilizes Differentiation from other companies too.

Digital Shokunin's Web Production Services

Are you worried about these things?

Three strengths of digital craftsmen's web production

Digital Craftsmen solve all your web production challenges.

Strengths of Web Production
Point 1

Web director with extensive production experience In charge of

Projects are managed by directors who specialize in the production of digital content such as websites. From the planning stage to production and operation, we provide the services required by clients quickly and with high quality.

Strengths of Web Production
Point 2

CMS, responsive Many achievements

We have a long track record of implementing CMS, a system that allows you to easily create and update web pages. We also support responsive design, which changes the way your site looks on a PC or smartphone. Responsive design is said to be more likely to appear at the top of Google searches.

Strengths of Web Production
Point 3

Creating content that differentiates you Also in one stop!

Digital Shokunin has a wealth of experience in producing manga and illustrations, and can help you differentiate your site from other companies' by introducing impactful content that utilizes manga and illustrations. Please feel free to contact us.

We can also create manga and illustrations to insert into web pages!

Graph of manga and illustration insertion examples

Manga and illustrations help get the message across!

It is said that the amount of information conveyed through manga and illustrations is about seven times that of spoken words and about twice that of read words.
By using manga and illustrations on your website, you can more deeply appeal to the characteristics and benefits of your product.

*Reference: Hiroaki Yamaguchi, "Persuasion Engineering"

Graph of manga and illustration insertion examples

Manga will be read!

The number of searches for manga ads has increased fourfold in the last five years, drawing attention as an effective advertising method.

*Reference: Google Trends

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The Digital ShokuninWeb production We are happy to consult with you on any issues you may have.
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