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Capture the image and express it realistically.

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About 3DCG production

We create 3DCG for use in anime, games, avatars, prints, etc.
We provide one-stop support from planning to operation.

3D production sample

3DCG creates a realistic stereoscopic vision and enables the expression of precise movements and textures

The distinctive feature of 3DCG is that it enables three-dimensional expression.
The completed 3D characters can be used as avatars, or distributed on platforms such as YouTube. Motion data can be used to make the characters dance, and they can also be used in the worlds of VR and MR, which have been gaining attention in recent years.
Why not try expressing character movements, gestures, textures, and realism that are difficult to achieve in 2D?
Our company provides full support for character creation, producing everything from character design to 3D models and motion implementation in one stop.

  • 3D production sample

Digital Shokunin's 3DCG Production Service

We create 3DCG for uses such as animation, avatars, games, prints, and AR/MR.

A wide range of formats and tools are available.

It supports a wide range of formats, from common formats such as stl, step, iges, obj, wrl, and fbx to tools such as 3ds Max, Maya, and Zbrush.
We can accommodate your needs, providing video formats such as mp4 for 3D animations and pmx format for MMD models.
Other tools supported include:

Proposal for low-cost 3D VTuber models Vroid

In order to provide you with 3DCG avatars at a reasonable price, we offer the option to create models using Vroid Studio.
Using only Vroid Studio limits the freedom of design somewhat, but by making adjustments and additions with DCC tools, it is possible to reduce the cost of creating a 3DCG avatar from scratch to up to one-fifth of the market average.
Full-body tracking compatible VRM models can be used with 3tene, Animaze, etc., and can be operated using only a webcam, like Facerig, for so-called "home 3D," so we recommend it as the next step for 2D VTubers.

Integrated 3DCG software Blender

Our company can handle this using Blender, which has deep integration with Unity.
Blender is an integrated 3DCG software that has a wide range of functions not only for 3D modeling but also for animation, physics simulation, and rendering.
It is becoming standard practice in the anime industry, with anime studio Studio Khara endorsing it and providing development funding.
With the addition of a new feature called Grease Pencil, which enables hand-drawn animation, and with functions such as video editing and video analysis and motion tracking, the software is attracting attention as a video production tool.

Three strengths of Digital Shokunin's 3DCG production

Digital Shokunin will solve any problem you may have in 3DCG production.

Strengths of 3DCG production
Point 1

We can also consult with you from the image stage.

It's okay if you don't know much about 3DCG or you only have a rough idea of ​​what you want to create. A director who is well versed in 3DCG will listen carefully to your ideas and make them a reality.

Strengths of 3DCG production
Point 2

Providing high-quality finishes quickly.

At Digital Shokunin, experienced directors direct the production of 3DCG. We handle mid- to long-term requests and large orders smoothly, with consistent quality and speed, right up to delivery.

Strengths of 3DCG production
Point 3

Delivery formats suitable for a wide range of applications.

We can produce still images, videos, etc. in a format that suits your needs. We also handle content such as VR and AR, and we support system integration and related work.

Trading performance

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The Digital Shokunin3DCG production We are happy to consult with you on any issues you may have.
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