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Write & Edit

Do you want to have an article written,
come up with some catchphrase copy for a product, or make your text easier to read?
Please feel free to send us an inquiry about anything to do with text.

We’ll handle your text-related concerns!

Article Production

Whether it’s news articles, product introductions, or columns, we can produce all kinds of copy in all kinds of styles. We use writers that match the nature of the text in question, covering genres as diverse as beauty and sports. We can even take care of the introductory text for your website’s landing page!

¥ 10,000 / 1 Japanese character @ ¥6

Large Volumes of Text

We can produce large volumes of text for introducing products. This covers various quantities of text, from 10-100 pieces of 100-200 Japanese characters each. We also handle flavor text for game apps and more, like item descriptions or monster descriptions!

1 piece of text: ¥100–500


We’ll help to create content that brings out the attractive qualities of goods and other items for online stores or mail-order. Our production of business catalogs, press releases, and more has also been very well received.
* Assigning bloggers will incur an additional fee.

¥ 8,000 / 1 Japanese character @ ¥4

Blogger Direction

We can also produce articles by selected bloggers. You can count on the synergy that comes from the awareness-spreading abilities of bloggers.

1 article: ¥4,000–5,000


We handle client requests to make existing text easier to read, or rework past articles originally made for print media to make them suitable for the web.

¥ 3,000–5,000 / 1 Japanese character @ ¥4

Social Media Operation

In addition to producing social media posts, we can also handle changes to keep your social media presence current. When posting photos, we’ll select the best options from free resources.

From ¥ 150,000 per month

• Supervised by editors with 20 years of industry experience   • We can also handle creation of regularly-produced text, such as game version update information, event information, etc.  • You can leave writing text for social media advertisements to us as well!


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Production of original articles
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