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We have an outstanding record in producing illustrations!
We will present you with work that meets your expectations.

We cater to a diverse variety of tastes, such as beauty illustrations,
illustrations for female audiences, miniaturized “chibi” characters, and more.

Illustration Production Service Contents

Character Illustrations
Illustrations for Ips
Items and Avatars
Icon and LINE Stamps
Background Illustrations
Illustration Cut-Up Work

We provide dedicated directors that can handle a wide range of illustration work,
from character design to social game avatars and items,
LINE stamps and more, producing illustrations that meet your requirements.

We take care of all work in-house, including progress management, quality assurance, and more, providing competent support.

Our Advantages in Illustration

Outstanding Director Team and
500 Top Creators

The Japanese word “shokunin” in our name means “craftsmen,” and as the word implies, all of our directors are experienced in art and will oversee the creation of high-quality illustrations. Furthermore, we select from our pool of 500 carefully-chosen creators the most appropriate talent for each job to produce the work.

Reliability and Speed

We approach every project with a team consisting of a dedicated director and art director, guaranteeing that the work is carried out in a smooth and reliable manner.

Flexible Support

We have established partnerships with a wide range of creators, allowing us to produce illustrations with a variety of different kinds of styles. Additionally, we can also take on requests for only part of the illustration creation process, such as rough work, line art, coloring, and so on.

From Planning to Production and Operation
We provide the services that you want!
Feel free to send us an inquiry to see what we can do for you.

We will swiftly and flexibly respond to your requirements.

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Aiming, Inc.: Lord of Knights
Ambition Co., Ltd.: Fairy Doll
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DMM.com Labo Co., Ltd.: Sangokushi Senhime
gumi Inc.: Phantom of the Kill
Original Works

Illustration Cut-Up Work

Our illustration production group carries out preparations for 2D animation by doing cut-up work.

What is cut-up work?

Our 2D animation group uses a variety of software such as Live2D, Spine, and SpriteStudio to create animations from a single illustration. We also process illustrations to animate them.
Advance preparation is required to start this process. This is where cut-up work comes in.

What do you do, exactly?

The image below shows the data after cut-up work.
We separate the eyes, mouth, hair, and other elements as shown, and move these individually to breathe life into the characters.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How many registered illustrators do you have?
Around 500. All of them are talented artists scouted by our directors.
Q:Can I send an inquiry for line art or coloring only?
We accept such inquiries. We can flexibly respond to your needs, so please don’t hesitate to inquire.
Q:Can you produce work for intellectual property?
Yes. Although we cannot publicly disclose this work, we do have experience in this field. Please feel free to send us an inquiry.
Q:Which party is copyright assigned to?
The copyright will be assigned to you, the client.
Q:Can I specify particular artists/designers (creators)?
Yes. We will present you with portfolios that match the style you want.

Basic Fees

“Bishojo” Illustration from \50,000 Illustration with Detailed Painting from \90,000
Illustration with Anime-style Painting from \50,000 Item Illustration from \5,000
“Chibi” Illustration from \30,000 Illustration Cut-Up from \15,000
Monster Illustration from \90,000 LINE Stamps (Set of 40) from \200,000

Work Order Flow


Making an inquiry is a smooth process using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.
If your request is vague, and difficult to put into writing, also feel free to inquire by telephone, etc.


A member of staff will confirm a detailed direction and goals, scheduling, budget, and so on with you, based on the details you gave in the inquiry form and other conversations.

Place Order

The director in charge will provide you with an estimate, schedule, and other details related to the production. If your request is vague, and difficult to put into writing, also feel free to inquire by telephone, etc.


Even in the production stage, we proceed while communicating closely with the customer, including giving progress reports and checking that the work matches expectations.


After it has been checked, the work will be delivered. For data deliveries, we can cater to requests such as uploading to a specific server.

Creator Recruitment Digital Shokunin is constantly looking to recruit ambitious creators. Creator Recruitment Digital Shokunin is constantly looking to recruit ambitious creators.

Thank you very much for visiting our website.
If you have any questions or wish to consult about our work, please send your inquiry here.
Once we have confirmed the details of your inquiry, a member of our staff will reply.

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