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Creator Recruitment

Calling all manga artists, illustrators, 2D animators,
and people who can handle manga processing, editing, and full coloring!
We’re looking for creators working from home to fill our ranks!

Each of these kinds of work is contracted work done from home.

Manga Artist

No experience required!

If you don’t have any commercial experience, we won’t rule you out. Your editor will give you full support. Of course, we welcome veteran artists too! Please lend us your talents.

If coming up with stories isn’t your forte, that’s no problem!

Let’s work out the plan together in meetings and other discussions. We can also provide plots and scenarios for you. Please feel free to consult.

Let’s work together to create something interesting!

Editors with a wealth of experience will give you the advice you need. You won’t need to struggle alone – work with us as part of a team and let’s take it on together.


We’ll find you work
that fits your schedule!

We will give you work that fits with your schedule. It’s no problem if you handle the work between jobs for other companies or take on other work simultaneously.

We’re looking for a wide range of genres!

Perhaps your genre is special, or perhaps you have a certain special technique. We’ll find you work that matches your genre and abilities. Consult with us and see what we can do!

You can work in line art or coloring only, if you wish!

If you struggle to handle all processes of illustrating due to time or technical reasons, it’s possible for you to work in line art or coloring only! We’ll provide you with work that matches your situation.

2D Animators

Interested in
producing animations?

We’re recruiting people who are interested in Live2D, Spine, and SpriteStudio. It’s no problem if you don’t have much experience using these tools! Of course we also welcome experience animators!

Your chance to get involved with game-related work!

If you like games or want to get involved with games, you’ll be able to work with games using the latest technology.

Manga Processing and Editing

Use materials to create manga in all kinds of formats

Re-edit manga into new formats that are optimal for smartphones, like panel-view comics or vertically-scrolling comics! This is a new kind of manga production that’s only possible at Digital Shokunin!

Does this sound like you?

This kind of work is ideal for people who aspire to become manga artists, people who work as assistants for digital manga, people who draw fan works for fun – effectively, anyone who loves manga!

You can start with small volumes of work!

We will give you work that fits with your schedule. There's no problem if you have a day job or you want to combine the work with other freelance work.

Full Coloring of Manga

Make full-color versions of manga
using digital coloring!

Full coloring using tools such as Photoshop, CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and more! You can take on work that fits in with your schedule and improve your skills!

We’re also looking for
people to check colored drafts!

Maybe you’re not good at coloring, but you have a good eye. Maybe you’re the kind of person who loves anime and can spot color inconsistencies or missing colors a mile off. We’re looking for people like you!


Create all kinds
of text!

You’ll create all kinds of text on the job, covering everything from news articles, to product introductions, to descriptive text for card games. This work is ideal for people who want to write for a living!

You can write to your strengths
in a variety of genres!

We handle work for a diverse array of genres, such as cuisine, interior design, IT, sports, and more! You can write copy for the genres that interest you!

It only takes a PC
to start straight away!

All you need for the job is a PC that you can use to do research and write copy! You can work whenever and whenever you want, when you have time to work!

Comment from Manga Artist Shitara Matane

At first, you might be thinking about what kind of manga you should bring to Digital Shokunin, or having doubts about whether they’ll even hire you if you’re not used to commercial work. But you have nothing to fear! Even if you’re not used to commercial work, the editors will give you friendly advice, as well as their full support through meetings, so even if you want to work as a professional manga artist, but don’t feel confident, just try sending in some of your work for them to look at. I had the same experience, and I can say that it could lead to an opportunity you never would have expected. What’s more, Digital Shokunin handle a wide range of genres, so you might also have the opportunity to get involved with work of the kind that you’ve never drawn before, and discover that you can have a lot of fun drawing it once you try.

Shitara Matane / Works: Ashita kara ganbaru! Konkatsuko-san (“I’ll try tomorrow! Marriage-Hunting Girl”), Seishun Abanchūru (“Youth Aventure”), published by WEB comico PLUS, among others

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