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General works, comic essays, four-panel manga, and more
Leave your manga production needs to us!

We provide content editing and production that meets a wide range of needs for any genre.

We put our out-of-the-box thinking and mobility to use in creating manga that works in all kinds of situations.
Whether it’s original manga, comic versions of novels or movies, business books and manuals, reports and essays,
advertising manga, or anything else you can think of, we deliver work in any genre or format to meet our customers’ needs.

Comprehensive manga production that only Digital Shokunin can provide!

You can leave every part of the process to us!

Numerous Achievements in Web Distribution

In addition to these sites, we also have a record of distribution through other web comic distribution sites.

Here are the strengths of Digital Shokunin’s manga production team!

* Additionally, we also create vertical-format manga, which recently has seen an increase in demand.
Please consult with us about putting existing work into vertical format, putting monochrome work in full color, and more.


(some of the work we’ve produced)

Original Works/Web Distribution
Ashita kara ganbaru! Konkatsuko-san
~Arasā dokushin onna to otsumami reshipi~
Creator: Shitara Matane
Distributor: Lettuce Club News
Ashita kara ganbaru! Konkatsuko-san Season 2
~Arasā sannin musume to kantan reshipi~
Creator: Shitara Matane
Distributor: Lettuce Club News
Goku Yome
Creator: Yusaku Sasaki
Distributor: comico PLUS/WEB comico PLUS
Somosomo bunshōtte dō kakeba ii’n desu ka?
(“How Can I Write a Good Sentence in the First Place?”)
Author: Takuro Yamaguchi / Manga: Anata Ichimura
Publisher: Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing
Nippon no NPO wo Genki ni Suru “Soshiki Hyoka” no Susume (Recommendation of "organization evaluation" to cheer up Japanese NPO)
(Cover illustration/Manga part creation)
Author: Tomoyuki Hashimoto, Nippon Foundation Communications Department/Manga: Ara
Issue: Nippon Foundation, Production: Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing (not for sale)

Work Order Flow


Making an inquiry is a smooth process using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.
If your request is vague, and difficult to put into writing, also feel free to inquire by telephone, etc.


To start with, please tell us about your requirements.It’s no problem even if you only have a vague image of what you want.
You’re welcome to talk with us frankly and candidly about your request. (Consultations and meetings are free of charge.)

Plot Creation

After receiving your request, we prepare a plot and scenario for you. We take your ideas from the meeting and make them concrete.

Proposing Artists

We choose a manga artist to take charge of authoring that matches the genre and content of the work and present them to you.
* If our suggestion doesn’t match your expectations, we can propose several artists.

Rough Draft Creation/Drawing

We give the plan an actual shape, carrying out storyboarding and so on.We will continue to make corrections without compromise until we have come as close to your expectations as possible.
Though there will be variation due to the nature of the project and number of pages, the creation process generally takes around one to three months.


We deliver the draft data in the format of your choice. Please also inquire with us about authoring.

Creator Recruitment Digital Shokunin is constantly looking to recruit ambitious creators. Creator Recruitment Digital Shokunin is constantly looking to recruit ambitious creators.
Editorial Team Visit (Yokohama Design College)
We do everything we can to cultivate new artists!

Digital Shokunin Co., Ltd. is committed to cultivating new artists in its manga editing group. We visit professional schools and other institutions, carry out special lectures, and dispatch our editorial team, talking to promising students one-on one, giving our full support to artists before their debut, and working to give new artists an environment where they can achieve their ambitions.

By using powerful new artists who haven’t yet appeared anywhere else, we can produce highly original work that’s different from any existing work you can name.


Thank you very much for visiting our website.
If you have any questions or wish to consult about our work, please send your inquiry here.
Once we have confirmed the details of your inquiry, a member of our staff will reply.

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