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BSF, nextworks, EPUB,
CG comics, vertical-format comics, coloring, and more
- leave all of your e-book requests to us!

We produce content in a variety of formats of your choice,
such as e-books that can be read on smartphones and cellphones,
BSF (BookSurfing), nextworks, CG comics,
vertical-format comics, EPUB, .book, and more.
We also do coloring work for manga in monochrome format.

E-Book Production Service Contents


This is a popular form of viewing content per panel for feature phones, smartphones, and more.

Next works

This is a file format for per-panel viewing from Manga Ōkoku.

CG Comics

Anime, games, and CG collections can be remade as manga content.


This is a page-viewing file format that can be viewed using PCs, tablets, and more.


Monochrome works can be remade in full color.

Vertical-format Comics

This is a new form of presenting manga that’s popular overseas, in which manga panels are presented vertically in the format of a column.

Our Advantages in E-Books

Ability to Handle a Wide Range of Requests

We can handle all kinds of file formats, whether it’s panel-view, page-view, or vertical-format comics. We offer the most attractive solutions for your content, for cell phones, smartphones, and more.

No Compromises on Speed or Quality

Our experienced directors and creators are fully dedicated to both speed and quality and guarantee that production progress will be smooth.

Flexible Structure

Our directors and creators are knowledgeable about manga production and coloring, and will draw out a work’s appeal to its fullest with a solid understanding of everything there is to do with it.


BSF, nextworks
Monthly production of 10,000 pages
CG Comics
Monthly production of 70 files
Monthly production of 300 files
Monthly production of 2,000 pages
Vertical Format (Webtoon)
Monthly production of 10,000 pages

In addition to these sites, Transaction experience with various companies.

Basic Fees

Comic Production (BookSurfing) 1 page from ¥530
Comic Production (nextworks) 1 page from ¥650
CG Comic Production 1 file from ¥30,000
EPUB 3.0 Production (Fixed Format/Fixed Layout) 1 file from ¥2,000
EPUB 3.0 Production (Reflow Format) 1 file from ¥22,000
Coloring 1 page from¥3,500
Vertical-Format Comics Production (Webtoon) 1 page from ¥1,000
webtoonのページ化 1 page from ¥1,500

What are vertical-format comics (Webtoon)?

This is a new method of reading comics for the smartphone age that is gaining traction both inside and outside of Japan,
in which comic panels are arranged and scrolled vertically.

Common Concerns

I want to make an e-book version of an existing manga

By creating a BSF file, you can distribute your manga to both feature phones and smartphones!
Additionally, by creating an EPUB file, you can also distribute the manga for tablets and PCs!

Vertical-format comics are popular now, but we only have normal manga ready

We can re-edit normal manga to format them vertically. Furthermore, we can put them into full color to create brand-new, vertical-format comics!

I have materials for a CG collection, but I don’t know how to put them to use

By adding speech bubbles and sound effects, we can produce panel-view or page-view manga content in BSF or other formats!

We don’t have enough internal resources for directing a project

Our in-house directors will handle the direction work for you, including subtitling and file structure!


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