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2D Animation

Let us handle modeling, battle animations, and more!

We create a wide variety of animation work using all kinds of software,
such as Live2D, Spine, SpriteStudio, Flash, and After Effects.

What does 2D Animation involve?

2D animation is the technique of cutting an illustration into moving parts,
then combining and moving these parts to create motion.
This allows for a diverse, unhindered range of expression when producing work
such as cutscene animations, battle animations, or effects used in games.

We use illustrations split into parts to create animations.

When animations are ready, we deliver them in the format you request.

Software We Use


Sprite Studio
Sprite Studio + After Effects

We can handle the entire process,
starting with creating illustrations!

Character illustrations, creating backgrounds,
incremental differences, splitting into parts, effects – you name it.

We also have an illustration production group,
which allows us to handle the entire process of creating animations
starting with creating the illustrations used.

Illustration Production Sample Page


gloops, Inc.
"Dragon Knights"

Creation of some monster animations and effects in-game

Copyright © 2018 NEXON Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2018 gloops, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Aiming, Inc.
"Lord of Knights" (Legend of the Galactic Heroes collaboration)

Various motion creation for Yang, Reinhard, Kircheis and Julian, who appeared in the collaboration events in the game

©TTTWS ©K ©Aiming Inc.

Broccoli Co., Ltd./KLab Inc
"Utano☆Princesama: Shining Live"

Costume replacement production for some characters in the game

©早乙女学園 ©KLabGames

"Chronos Age"

Creation of some character/monster animations and effects in-game

Copyright © HMSYSTEMS Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

Aiming, Inc.
"Lord of Knights"

Creation of some character animations in-game

© Aiming Inc.

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